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    We’ve had several vaccine clinics. We’ve had 6 at a support site and 3 at a school site (HS). We sent emails to all staff inviting them to sign up with the vendor directly. Everything was handled by the vendors, except we shared the information via email and provided the opportunity at a district location. Also, we opened up the last 4 clinics to the staff extended family members. All by appointment through vendor’s system or signupgenius.com.

    We did get pushback from about 15 parents at board meetings about providing the evil vaccine on a school campus. But we had great turnouts at all of the clinics and the employees were all grateful. We’ve had more than 2,000 employees get vaccinated at our clinics. Compared to about the same 15 angry parents at our board meetings. I recall only 1 individual get light-headed and nearly faint at our 9 clinics.


    Yes, we are actively promoting vaccines for our staff, students, and community. We have had and continue to have several clinics set up as well as have a fast pass for those fully vaccinated as an incentive to circumvent the long screening lines.


    We SHARED INFORMATION regarding a cov vax clinic for school staff done back in March, which ANTELOPE VALLEY HOSPITAL made available to ALL public and private schools’ staff in our AV Area. We helped in registering our staff, but made abundantly clear was simply Helping Staff to get registered with the Hospital and that utilizing the clinic option was a completely voluntary action, and in NO WAY a district requirement. We also had a lot of staff that ASKED for info as soon as the CA Tier opened up for School Employees. We also regularly email all Staff ‘Just Info Sharing’ regarding Other cov vaccine clinics and updates available in our area by either the County or local Cities.

    Talk with your district’s legal representation AND WC Carrier as “directly or actively encouraging staff or requiring staff” to be vaccinated is not recommended by most HR legal sources and WORKERS COMP carriers. Your WC Carrier will surely have input.

    State agencies and large Counties, that have started requiring cov vaccines for their staff likely have VAST wc & liability coverage, and different operational goals, then a Self Insured school district.


    We hosted several vaccination clinics in partnership with our local hospital for employees (those were done early on when vaccinations were limited and they were done at the hospital). We made a similar arrangement for students and utilized our transportation department to shuttle students to vaccination clinics. We hosted community vaccination clinics at two of our sites (in partnership with the County). Finally, we are in the process of setting up student vaccination clinics at each of our six sites. This will be done in partnership with LA County and local pharmacies (I think…we have a planning meeting tomorrow). Our Superintendent has been pretty clear that our position is that vaccination is our best path forward…and has had some blowback (not enough to cause us to change course). Hope this helps.


    WVUSD does actively promote vaccination clinics as well as voluntary COVID testing. We are holding the clinics at our high schools on specific Saturdays at this point. All outreach, and parent letters regarding COVID include information on how and when our next voluntary clinic will be held. We let everyone know this is a recommendation and it is not mandatory. The clinics are open to staff, students and their families. At this point, the pharmacy we are working with is using the “myturn” website to schedule appointments. We have had 11 onsite clinics at this point with our 12th being this Saturday. We were able to vaccinate about 1400 of our high school and middle school students in the first couple of clinics. We do have 5-7 staff members that help, as you need to check the person in and we take temperatures as well as provide someone to copy documents/ID’s and to observe for the 15 minute post vaccine waiting period.
    Our employees and parents have been happy we have made the vaccinations easily accessible. Currently we’ve been lucky and have have no adverse reactions when the vaccines were given and I’ve only had a few employees say they needed a day or two off due to not feeling well after the vaccine. Our District feels this is an opportunity for outreach and community service by offering the vaccines at our site.


    We had serveral Vaccination Clincs for our employees on one of our HS campus. We are with a trust and they co-ordinated with Memorial Care and we offered to all employees who wanted to get vaccinated and we kept sending out emails to all employees who wanted to get vaccinated they had an opportunity. We stopped sending the emails once employees stopped signing up. We continue to test once a week and have done so all through the summer.


    Thank you so much for sharing your Districts approach to vaccines with employees.

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