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    Are any of your schools currently testing students and coaches involved in sports? What company are you using? Who is paying for the testing? What is the cost? How often are you testing?
    We got an email from this company and they also sent us a template of their agreement, but their agreement doesn’t state what the charges will be.

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    We have VERY similar vendor “Capstone” for Athletcs Program.

    Rep said they get Reimbursed through Government program.

    NO COST to district/ student/employee regardless if has insurance/mediCal or not.

    We’re scheduled to start testing sports next week with the Capstone Staff coming to each of our 8 sites on Tuesday afternoon.

    Our contact with Capstone is Dr. Garrett Wilcheck, gwilchek@gmail.com.

    PS. We did look at other vendors that would SEND THEIR STAFF to all our 8 sites, but cost ranged from $66 to $150 per test (inclusive of their travel/labor).

    Then there’s the CA State option, via Valencia Labs using the “Color” platform at $21 per test but those are self swab.


    We are using CovidDX (they contract with Avellino Labs) at three high schools, weekly testing by their staff. No cost to district, parents enter insurance information in their online portal or the company bills for CARES reimbursement for those with no insurance. Contact is Justin Wagner, justin.wagner@vituity.com

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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