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    Does anyone have any experience with a skateboarding club?? MS/HS


    Eric I am glad to report I have NO experience with an active skateboarding club. However I have experience with requests for skateboarding, mountain biking, snow boarding, boxing and Parkour clubs etc. Which initiates a conversation/questions for the Principal and the Teacher(s) who want to sponsor the club….off the top of my head I would ask about the activity being on campus or off campus, time of day, all weekdays or any weekends, if off campus the plan for transportation and all of the various issues/liability involved.
    If the teacher will be actively participating in the sport/activity, if yes, then I also ask the Principal if the risk of loosing a classroom teacher to an injury is worth the benefit of the activity.
    Their experience with the following:
    The sport activity.
    Evaluating the physical/medical fitness of a student to perform/participate in the activity.
    Evaluating the equipment (boards, helmets, knee/wrist pads etc) being used (is the equipment personally owned by each student or district owned) and the plan/process for inspecting equipment and documentation of inspections.
    The potential personal liability they could be accepting.
    Training they will provide the students (skills for activity, heat illness, concussion etc), plan for documentation.
    The number of adults present at all times, accusations of sexual molestation, etc., etc.
    I am sure there are other questions/topics I have missed but typically after having the conversation the requests are not pursued.

    Try not to say, No just help them get there on their own 🙂


    When these things cross my desk, the first thing I do is go the Risk Pool exclusion or high-risk activities. That will answer how to proceed. If it is high-risk, then the process continues like any other club protocol. I am not the ultimate decision-maker, it would up the chain from there. Hope this helps.



    I would encourage all clubs that choose to form; it is a good way for the students to get involved in the school. Skateboard club could be tricky as skateboarding on campus is not allowed and presents serious liability. However, we have an automotive club that goes drag racing, so many things are possible.

    One thing you can do is give them a cool place to store their skateboards –

    If liability is an issue, you can make it part of their club charter that they will not skateboard on campus. Additionally, you can get special insurance for the club. We purchased a supplemental insurance policy for our automotive club from K&K Insurance. Your SISC representative can put you in touch with the local insurance broker to find the proper coverage.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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