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    Would anyone share what type of safety programs you have implemented at your school district?


    Hi Faviola! What type of safety? Employee safety, student, campus, emergency preparedness, sexual abuse and molestation prevention, staff training? just trying to narrow it down, 🙂


    Hello, employee safety & campus safety?


    Here are some of the basics:
    School Safety Plan, including an emergency operations plan (Ed Code Section 32280 et seq.)
    Emergency Plan for High School Interscholastic Athletics
    Injury and illness Prevention Program
    Workplace Security Injury and Illness Prevention Program (meets SB 553, required by July 1, 2024)
    COVID-19 Prevention Program (may be part of the IIPP or separate — sunsets February 3, 2025)
    Heat Illness Prevention Plan
    Program designated to minimize Repetitive Motion Injuries (if certain conditions are met)
    Respiratory Protection Program for Voluntary Use
    Chemical Hygiene Plan
    Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
    Hazard Communication Program
    Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act Management Plan

    Maintenance and grounds workers may need a Hearing Conservation Program, depending upon exposure so excessive sound levels. Band rooms and Career Technical Education rooms should also be checked for sound levels.
    Maintenance and grounds workers may need a full Respiratory Protection Program depending on exposures.

    Training is required for other topics, such as Lead, but no program is required.

    Others may add to this list if I have forgotten anything.


    We teach ALICE; Run, Hide, Fight; and other preventative classes. As far as campus safety systems go, most of our districts have either used Catapult or Raptor in the past. Both seem to be getting quickly outdated and not covering everything. More recently, many have been integrating Aegix. It has a real time, interface that connects all the emergency personnel and logistics to teachers and staff as incidents unfold. That is just a rough summery of course, but hopefully it conveys the basic idea.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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