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    Stephen Bucheli

    Good Day,
    We have a partnership in the Greater Irvine area for emergency preparedness (Emergency Preparedness Interagency Collaborative). This group was formed in 2014 and continues to meet quarterly – more frequently since the pandemic. Nevertheless, the Silverado Fire impacted Orange County on October 26, 2020 in the middle of COVID with students back in Irvine elementary and high schools.

    COVID has taken over emergency planning for the past year but we need to remain mindful of the other man-made and natural emergencies/disasters that are still possible during COVID. We provided an in depth Silverado Fire debrief to about 70 stakeholders in December 2020. Here is a link to that recording – It is my intention by sharing that you will find value in the presentation.

    Cut/Paste Zoom Link: https://iusd.zoom.us/rec/play/jciy2mC1AiBE-laUKbUDguZ9wPhGDEuHQOOWPLi-z7vOtqRx0MX1_oTkgL3TLQnqCza_2fLx12m2mjkI.ij3HRClpsVdpXBSV?autoplay=true&startTime=1607532253000


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