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    We are thinking of having our school nurses trained on the use of Narcan. We have seen a large increase in over dose cases on our high school campuses. Does anyone currently have a program in place or a policy for its use? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


    Hi Jammee,

    It should be part of your “Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions” BP/AR. I have attached our DRAFT Policy that was recently reviewed/approved by our School Board. You definitely need to work with your nursing Department (our County PHD has been working with all school nurses to make it available at all sites, as it can be community members onsite who OD too).

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    We train any interested staff to administer it AND they must call 9-1-1 if so.

    Mostly is Nurses, Health Office Technicians, LVNs, and Security who also keep CPR/First Aid current too. Some Admin too.

    Got the Narcan for free last summer along with the CA Dept of Public Health standing order (Rx). They provide a training video. or for instructions.


    Thank you

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