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    Please, has anyone hired Contract Tracers that would perform covid contact tracing and handle exposure management?
    (either Remotely or come to site in-person?)

    Please share any input and my email is below if preferred for response.
    Thanks in advance and please have a nice weekend!

    Chris Jarrett, Risk Manager, AVUHSD


    We were on the verge of selecting a vendor and signing a contract and then our HR department realized they could re-hire retirees to do both of these tasks for us cheaper than hiring staffing, etc.. So, we’re in the process of getting retirees in place to do both our care rooms (testing) and our tracing since we have a pretty good system in place at this point.


    Hi Chris, we’re on the verge of hiring a “Health and Safety Specialist” since our HR department is now overwhelmed by these tasks. The Job Description is pending board approval but I’ve attached it for your reference.

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    Whether you use existing staff or hire a vendor, their training and selection could be very important if there is a subsequent lawsuit. John Hopkins has a quality certification program that could prove beneficial in a pending lawsuit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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