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    Our district has students that our state or national officers in FFA, HOSA or other organizations. This often requires them to attend officer trainings or meetings. These trips are only for the officer, so thus only one student traveling on the trip. I want to see how other districts handle this. I am told that I am the only district requiring certificated employees to accompany these officers. The students are supervised by FFA or HOSA representatives once at the location, but travel alone. Please help offer insight into how you handle these type of trips. Ed Code states we must “provide supervision of pupils involved in field trips or excursions by certificated employees of the district.”


    Throwing this out there – I thought field trips (and the immunity applied) were during school day for instructional purposes. This sounds like extracurricular activity participation. Anyone – please correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂


    If it is a school or district sponsored fieldtrip then it falls under our fieldtrip guidelines. We require a certificated employee (Ed. Code) to be present on all fieldtrips whether educational or recreactional in nature, this would include school aproved club activites. We also never allow only one certificated employee to accompany a student on such a field trip. There would need to be a second adult either the students’ parent or other district employee. I have had to give a copy of our manual to other organizations that wanted to limit who goes or the number of chaperones and since it is in our polciy they have allowed it once they saw it in writing

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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