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    Does anyone allow for District vehicles to be used for to and from work transport? Does anyone have a board policy on District Vehicle use or an agreement for the use of district vehicles? Also please share any policies on reimbursement for mileage when using private vehicles for work related travel. All help is greatly appreciated.


    Hello! Additionally, you should investigate the possibility that this would have to be added to the employees W2. I am under the impression that certain classifications of employees have to have some set value added to their W2 when they take a vehicle back and forth to their home residence.


    Mileage reimbursement is covered on the attached policy. Our Business Services’ Executive Secretary calculates the anticipated mileage in advance, most direct route.
    Uses an electronic form (tiny url weblink) via “Informed K-12” for approved staff to Submit for their mileage reimbursement for their personal vehicle, which comes on a check from our Accounts Payable office. All conferences/trips are pre-approved by the Board of Trustees.


    For staff using district vehicles, they pick it up day of trip and use district gas card. They must be pre-approved to be a district vehicle driver and we keep a DMV pull on each. Packet attached.


    Our district has both fleet cars that staff take home and some that are parked at the schools. We have to report our work-driven miles monthly. Our employee’s W2’s are increased based on the taxable fringe benefit of the vehicle/personal miles driven. Attached is our Fleet Policy.

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