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We asked the question of SSC and the response is below. We will continue with testing as required through the summer school and next year if there are no changes made by the Governor.

“Thank you for submitting your question to SSC. The August 11, 2021 order was an order of the State Public Health Officer, it has the force and effect of law and all local educational agencies and private schools in California must comply with it until it is officially revoked or replaced by a new order. To our knowledge, and based upon our research, the order has neither been replaced or revoked. So until that happens you are still required to test unvaccinated employees. Remember that order does not apply to board members or staff who are not at a school site or in regular contact with students.”

Suzanne Speck
Executive Vice President
School Services of California Inc.
1121 L. Street, Suite 1060
Sacramento, CA 95814