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We use Gainful Inc. They will do virtual and in person evaluations. When doing in person the evaluator will wear a face mask and gloves and will maintain adequate (6’ plus) physical distance from the employee when conducting the ergonomic evaluation. Upon completion of the evaluation, the evaluator will disinfect and wipe the areas of the workstation he/she touched. If equipment is needed they will ask the employer if they have the recommended equipment. If the employer doesn’t, the employer can purchase and ask Gainful to install or they can purchase from Gainful.

Below is the contact information for Gainful, Inc.

Contact: Edward Gallardo
Return To Work Coordinators
Post Office Box 5817, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Telephone No: (626) 484-1074 – Fax No: (626) 961-1539
E-Mail – Gainful@earthlink.net