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No saliva tests at AVUHSD, we’re using lower nasal swab PCR tests via Fulgent.

If helpful, attached is the Schools Guide we received from Los Angeles County DPH through our Los Angeles County Office of Education rep.
It has some vendors on it that meet their criteria.

ALOS, IF interested, the State of California has FREE BinaxNOW RAPID Antigen tests, BUT YOU SHOULD CHECK with YOUR Department of Public Health just to ensure it’ll meet their particular criteria. Here’s the info: “The first step to securing these FREE tests is to fill out the CALIFORNIA SCHOOL ANTIGENT PROGRAM INTEREST FORM. The onboarding process takes about two weeks. A completed MOU must be submitted before any shipments take place. If you have any questions, please email Jennie Carreon, CDE Deputy Superintendent at”

This is the LINK to their Interest Form:

If you are in LA County, you’ll be redirected to a LA County-Specific representative after you submit the Interest Form.