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Forwarding Information Sharing we received some time ago from CA DPH: >>> ” Hello COE & District Partners, Please join us for our weekly SCHOOL TESTING OFFICE HOURS at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays. The Testing Task Force will share updates relating to the testing guidance for schools. We will also provide information on the screening testing options offered by the state including PCR testing, PCR pooled testing and Antigen testing. There will be dedicated time to answer any questions from our school partners. If you would like additional consultation, please email us at schooltesting@cdph.ca.gov (mailto:schooltesting@cdph.ca.gov) and someone from the State will be in touch with you.”<<<

IMPORTANT for those School Districts in LOS ANGELES COUNTY, LONG BEACH AND PASADENA: If you haven’t heard this yet:
We participated in the “CA office hours” above previously and were quickly told by the CA presenter that the State Task Force program and funding piece is NOT processed through CA for Districts in LOS ANGELES COUNTY, PASEDENA OR LONG BEACH which have a separate dedicated funding source and separate testing task force administrator. Our district’s Dedicated Rep in LOS ANGELES COUNTY for the ELC FUNDING is Dr. Janice Phelps at LACOE, phelps_janice@lacoe.edu who also provided a list of reputable Testing Vendors for LA County. I believe LACOE has several reps splitting coverage of their EIGHTY 80 School Districts, but Dr. Phelps can direct you to yours for school districts in LA County if you need help. * * *